Marking 200 Years of Independence

08 Jun 2021

A collaboration to be proud of. Parachute® was commissioned by the Benaki Museum to create a print collection in the event of Greece's bicentennial celebrations for independence from Ottoman Turkish rule 200 years ago.
Featuring a line of posters, stationery products, a tote bag and a matchbox to spark fires of independence, this anniversary collection is inspired by the typography of manuscripts of the pre-revolutionary period.
Set in PF Grecia, an upcoming Parachute typeface inspired by Greece, the line of products are created on the occasion of the Benaki Museum’s exhibition "1821 Before and After".
Parachute® x Benaki Shop
Design: Parachute Typefoundry
Posters: Yiannis Fetanis Fetanis Ioannis Demiurgic Workroom
Printing (Calendar, Notebook): Graphics Studio
Silkscreens (Posters & Tote Bags): Tind Manolis Angelakis
Paper: keykolour Chartorama Papers

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