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Vibes 43 - D&AD


D&AD Awards is recognised globally as the ultimate creative accolade. This year, our own Panos Vassiliou will be the President of the Type Design Jury. Along with a team of international design experts such as Daniel Escudeiro, Soulaf Khalifeh, Min-Young Kim, Ksenya Samarskaya, Kris Sowersby, Qian Sun and Jim Sutherland, will select the most visually arresting typeface designs of last year. Submission deadline is March 17. In his own words, Panos Vassiliou stated that "Competition will be fierce, judging will be strict, but winning a D&AD Pencil could be one of the most defining moments of one's career".


An insightful article on type design, psychology and branding is trending now on Linkedin. Written by Panos Vassiliou and posted on D&AD, it gives you a rundown on how typography affects our buying choices, the psychology behind typo-branding decisions and explains how type design has become the star of the visual communications industry.


Intricate type design is out, simple letterforms are in. A geometric variable typeface tastefully revived from early 20th century archives, Spekk encapsulates the sheer tension among squares, triangles, and circles at its core. Blended with the smooth curved strokes which end up in horizontal terminals, or the open counters with optimized aperture which preserve legibility at small sizes, Spekk manifests a warm and friendly personality, something we do not often encounter in the monoline geometric genre. Spekk’s idiosyncrasies/merits include shortened capitals, consistent geometry in the entire set of styles, and intuitive italics.

Last year, PF Marlet and its compendium companion AntiManifesto received accolades from several international organizations including TDC and Tokyo TDC. Recently, we were pleased to receive their annual publications highlighting our winning designs. These books feature full-color images of international graphic design and type design in a wide range of categories. Check the links to find out how to get them.

Another project we finished recently is a custom typeface for one of Greece's most iconic cultural organizations the Benaki Museum.The new typeface, which draws inspiration from the Didone typefaces of the late 18th and early 19th century with high contrast and vertical stress, reflects the spirit of the museum and its online shop which is to support the art of craftmanship and bridge the gap between traditional crafts and contemporary design.