Concept & design
Our new website was designed and built from the ground up under strict guidelines. Web design was provided by the award-winning studio The Zyme. This website was designed to balance high impact visuals with uncluttered typography and provide an uncomplicated digital environment. The Parachute team under the direction of creative director Costas Aggeletakis was responsible for the visual content of the project.


Web Development
Web development was conducted by netstudio, a Drupal development services agency.


Contrary to current trends, we used a default system font, Georgia, for body text and headlines.


Photos in all major sections by Costas Aggeletakis.


Part of the text, used for online and pdf samples, has been adapted and translated by permission from the book “What will be” by the late MIT Professor and visionary Michael Dertouzos, published in 1997 by HarperEdge.