PF DIN Max Variable

The landscape of visual communication is changing with a fast pace. We have print in all different shapes and forms, digital platforms, physical backdrops, screens, wearables, all communicating in a multiple space global environment.This new release redefines DIN in order to handle the demands of modern technology. DIN Max is a brand new variable type system completely re-designed and re-imagined from the ground up with 3 design axes. Expanding the utility of DIN Max we introduce a number of new novelties. Two additional widths, Extra Compressed and Wide, were added at both ends of the design spectrum, with the very narrow widths to be well suited for display use, whereas the wide version is equally comfortable for display and text use. Furthermore, DIN Max comes now with cleaner shapes and higher legibility even at small sizes whilst its robust strokes and revised spacing makes the new version much more readable. At the same time, its expressive character is retained by adopting alternates which respond automatically to variations in width and weight and preserve the rhythm of the design. DIN Max features a palette of 100 weights (including a variable font file with unlimited variations) and language support for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Finally, DIN Max is powered in every variation by 303 symbols for packaging, environmental graphics, signage, transportation, computing, fabric care.Re-evaluate this iconic typeface and replace your old digital versions with a contemporary design which addresses demanding typographic environments. By purchasing the variable version, you will have full access to any weight and width possible from Hairline to Black and Extra Compressed to Wide.  


(reg. price: €3125.00)


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