Grand Gothik Full Pack

The Grand Gothik type system comes with a wide range of styles/weights and supports an extended array of languages and scripts such as Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Apart from the 5 individual opentype families, this package includes a fully functional multiscript variable font with 3 axes (width, weight, italic), which contains the power and features of the individual families all under one font.

Keeping up with the ever-evolving virtual and digital landscape, Grand Gothik contains an extended character set of weather icons, numeral symbols, way-finding arrows, movie rating stars and emojis. Also, a Bitcoin symbol was designed as part of its character set in its newly introduced unicode position, rendering Grand Gothik a truly functional modern typeface.



5 individual families (92 fonts) + 1 variable multiscript font

(reg. price: €2965.00)


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